Since we started working in the pool industry in Austin, Texas, in 1983, we have custom-designed and built over 1000 pools in the Central Texas area. That translates to over 30 million dollars worth of construction!

Our designs include unique pool shapes, special features, fire places and pits, multi-level decks, and stone-work.

Our materials and equipment are of the finest quality in the industry. Using the latest technology, we make sure that your pool is designed to last long, is easy to maintain, and reflects all the special features you request.


Our pools are constructed in a timely manner with my (Larry DeHority) personal daily supervision. Upon the completion of the pool, pool instructions and startup are provided by our pool technicians to insure that you have all the equipment and information needed for pool maintenance and operation.

We make sure the your pool is constructed to fit your budget while using the finest materials and craftsmanship available.


We have more then 20 years experience in designing free-form, natural, looking pools and spas with water features and boulders.

Our pools have been designed for the basic flat yard, to areas with large sections of sloped land.

Our success lies in our strong design ability and our extensive knowledge of the finest craftsmen in the Central Texas area.