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Targeted Permission Marketing

TourVid is a new concept in marketing and advertising by utilizing low cost targeted marketing you have the ability to drive your message directly to the qualified consumer. Statistics show that over 90% of home related purchases and service contracts begin within 30 days of a home purchase. For literally a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising you can deliver an accurately targeted campaign to the demographic you want. Why waste thousands of dollars on advertising that you can not quantify? With TourVid you can accurately market directly to qualified consumers and communicate your message with efficacy.

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HOT prospects that are:

bullet Responsive … because they need new “stuff.”
bullet Responsive … because they’re stable and have good credit.
bullet Responsive … right now, before your competitors can get to them.

FACTS you might not know about advertising to new homeowners:

bulletNew Movers spend OVER 170 BILLION every year
bullet They’re in a new community, which means fewer holdover buying loyalties.
bullet They spend 20 times more on household products than established residents (Mover Report study).
bullet They spend an average of $10,000 to 12,000 on home-related products in year one of ownership.
bullet 51.3% bought something by mail within the past year.

Services Needed

54% Auto Repair

26% Electrician

19% Painter

18% Carpenter

16% Exterminator

25% Plumber

25% Carpet Cleaner

55% Hair/Beauty

48% Trash Removal

13% Cleaning Service

28% Landscape/Lawn

18% Travel Agent

Professionals Needed

25% Accountant

59% Family Doctor

41% Optical Services

19% Attorney

9% Financial Services

45% Pediatrician
(of parents)

70% Dentist

40% OB/GYN

55% Vet
(of pet owners)

Merchants Needed

69% Apparel/Shoes

19% College/Adult Ed

57% Paint/Wallpaper

45% Bakery

78% Department Store

78% Pet Supplies

69% Bank

66% Dry Cleaner/Laundry

69% Pharmacy

65% Bath/Linen

36% Florist

29% Picture Framing

45% Book Store

52% Garden Center

29% Sporting Goods

46% Camera/Photo Processing

76% Hardware

30% Tires

56% Card/Candy/Gift

19% Health Club

54% Video Stores

57% Car Wash

35% Lighting


33% Child Care

59% Lumber/Bldg Supplies


Home | Improvements Planned

32% Bath/Kitchen Remodel

17% Heating/Air Conditioning

16% Security/Alarm Systems

26% Deck/Porch

9% Home Additions

7% Swimming Pool

24% Fencing

15% New Windows


39% Flooring/Carpets/Tile

20% Roofing/Siding


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